Lake House

Welcome to Lake House

Relax and revitalise in a peaceful and modern lakeside hotel resort. Situated
picturesque Dong Suon Lake, the Lake House is family friendly and provides luxurious and
affordable lake view villas, bungalows and dorm-rooms that will suit families, couples and backpackers alike. 
During your stay your every need will be catered for. The Lake House is run by a
Vietnamese/Australian Couple, Tham and Tony, who ensure all guests are comfortable and
have access to all of the modern convenience facilities including air-conditioning, WIFI. 
You could be enjoying a meal on the balcony, strolling through the tropical garden, having a
refreshing drink in the swim up pool bar or taking a dip in the lake itself. Whatever your day
involves you will be surrounded by a combination of traditional Vietnamese buildings and a
breathtakingly stunning natural landscape.
The architectural inspiration for the Lake House Project was a traditional Vietnamese house
first built in 1954 in the North of Vietnam by skilled tradesmen and workers from the local
village of ‘Ha Giang’.
During the ‘Dien Bien Phu’ operation in 1954, the house was used for meetings by the
Vietnamese army, headed by top ranking General ‘Vo Nguyen Giap’.
The house was disassembled and re-constructed on site in early 2013. The now Lake House
is the centrepiece for the eco village and presently functions as the reception, lounge bar and
on the second floor large restaurant with expansive views of the Dong Suon Lake and
surrounding mountains.
The Lake House, its villas, bungalows and facilities are constructed using natural materials,
timber, stone, mud, brick, cane, thatched roofing, Vietnamese terracotta tiles and hand
woven textiles.

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