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There is a variety of things to do and see in and around Nha Trang, including boat trips, motorbike excursions, trips to the hot springs, visits to pagodas and the Nha Trang Cathedral. Alternatively, sit at a café and view everyday life in a Vietnamese city. There are several markets to explore (and smell!), numerous beaches to discover, various foods and restaurants to try – much is available if you feel like leaving the tranquility of Mia, all tours can be arranged and booked through our tour desk.

Any company or business wanting to host a stylish event, can count on Mia. The modern, large conference and business center located on the cliff, ideally suited for talks, seminars and meetings. Villas and condos are all equipped with desks and Wi-Fi. Our Restaurant and Lounge can cater to your entertainment needs

Escape the hustle and bustle from Nha Trang when shopping, all Vietnamese favourites and more are available in our Gift Shop.

Transfers are available to and from the airport and Nha Trang city. We can also arrange transfers to Dalat, Danang and a variety of other locations.


Quang Binh locates in the Center of Vietnam, far about 500km from Hanoi and 180km from Hue. Quang Binh is longer famous for Phong Nha Cave – the world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. Nowadays, Quang Binh is widely well-known by Son Doong Cave – the new and biggest cave in the world.


Quang Binh has the monsoon-tropical weather and experiences two seasons: the wet and dry season. The wet season begins in September and lasts until March; it’s wet and rains heavily on Sep, Oct and Nov. On the other hand, dry season starts from April and lasts until August with the hottest temperatures from June to August. 

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